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Medical Transcription

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4 to 6 months

daily 1 hour theory

6 hours practicals


Rs 15,000



What is medical transcription ?

Medical Transcription is the process of converting medical dictations (digital voice) to textual format (usually in a word document).  The voice files usually contain the voice of medical professionals, mostly physicians or their assistants dictating for a physician.  They dictate notes on patient encounters and the same is made available in a digital format, which a professional medical transcriptionist listens to and types (transcribes).

What is the purpose of medical transcription ?

Medical transcription is useful in two ways.  Primarily, the transcribed document serves as a medical record, which the physician needs to produce to the insurance company in order to have his claim approved.  Secondly, every document serves like a legal document and can be used as evidence in favour or against the physician in case of a medical negligence filed by the patient.

What are the skillsets required for a medical transcriptionist?

 As far as skillsets needed for medical transcription, one has to undergo a training of 3-4 months where one is taught the basics of all body systems (anatomy and physiology), medical terminology including disease names and medical equipments, surgical procedures, drug names, transcription rules, English grammar, spellings, computer basics, internet concepts, and also good typing skills.  Medical transcriptionist is also familiar with the different types of medical reports like History and Physicals, Procedure notes, discharge summaries, consultation reports, operative report, SOAP notes, etc.


Is work from home option available in medical transcription and what are the timings?


Yes, work from home option available in medical transcription.  You can do the job from your home or from anywhere by just having a computer with internet connection.  You will have the option of choosing your own convenient timings to do the work.

What about placements after completing the course?

Don’t worry about placements.  First, concentrate on subject, study well, and improve your knowledge.  We will provide 100% job assistance for our students.  We give support until you get placed in a reputed organization.



















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Module 1:   Comprehensive training on Anatomy, physiology, and pathology of all the body systems:
Module 2:   Medical Terminology
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Module 3:   Transcription guidelines
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Why do I choose
     Racemind Technologies

  • 15+ Years Exp faculty

  • Convenient Batch timings

  • Unlimited Lab Facility

  • Practicals on live reports

  • Focus on Communication skills

  • Personal Care on Every Student

  • Weekend exams & Grand Tests

  • Resume & interview preparation

  • 100% job assistance 

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